Terms for Hosts

  1. Definitions

    GoSpotter: The brand, owned by FiveOne LLC. It is a platform for interactive content commonly used by advertisers and hosts of advertisements.

    Host: The entity electing to hold GoSpotter advertisements on their website. This is you.

    Advertiser: The inividual or entity who has their advertisement(s) on the GoSpotter platform. An advertiser may take the form of a sponsor, donator, member, business, contributor, etc.

    Ad(s): A placement of an advertiser on the GoSpotter platform. These ads are visible on host websites.
  2. Payment from the Host

    This section is intended for GoSpotter accounts which require payment(s) to be made to GoSpotter from the host.

    If there are no ads running for in the month, there is no charge. The number of ads for the month is calculated to be the highest number of ads running at once for that calendar month. Fees will be calculated using this value.

    GoSpotter charges for the ads after the month is complete or immediately after termination of service.

    If the Host has a poor payment history with GoSpotter or if GoSpotter deems it necessary for any reason, GoSpotter may either require a Credit Card as a form of payment or in certain terminate or pause the advertiser's account. GoSpotter reserves the right to bill and/or charge the form of payment on file for any balance due at any time.

    GoSpotter has the right to charge late fees of up to 15%. If the host fails to pay the full balance due by the date required, GoSpotter has the right to charge late fees on the outstanding balance each month. If GoSpotter does not provide at minimum Net 21 payment terms, the host must pay the balance due within 21 days of the invoice issuance date. GoSpotter reserves the right to withhold any services due to an overdue balance.
  3. Ad Content

    GoSpotter is not liable for any problems caused to the host by ad content within our platform. GoSpotter is not liable for any misrepresentation of any advertiser(s) that were chosen by the host to be on their GoSpotter account.
  4. Advertiser Information

    GoSpotter may use advertiser and host contact information provided (such as emails and phone numbers) to contact any advertiser for more information about their ad if necessary. GoSpotter may also contact any advertiser for our business inquiries.
  5. GoSpotter Deliverables & Ad Changes / Updates

    GoSpotter will deliver monthly analytics reports to the host and, if you choose, each advertiser. We will make any changes to an ad within 2 business days of a written request. We will add an ad within 5 business days of a written request. At this current time we require an ad to be listed for at least 2 weeks before removing.
  6. Termination

    If you wish to terminate your GoSpotter service, contact GoSpotter in writing stating your desire to do so at-least 14 days prior to cancellation and we will charge a pro-rated fee based off the number of ads. Failure to provide 14 days written notice, requires payment of the fees for the month of termination through to completion.

    GoSpotter has the right to terminate any host account at any time without cause or notice. GoSpotter reserves the right to terminate and/or pause service due to lack of payment or late payment for services which require payment to run.
  7. Updates & Amendments

    GoSpotter reserves the right to update these terms at anytime. Agreeing to join GoSpotter indicates that you agree to these current terms as well as future terms of use.