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Simplify things with flat rate pricing. You choose the listings for your website. Get our beautiful interactive profiles based on the number of listings showing. From here you can charge your sponsors or members any amount you see fit.

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We host, manage, & provide tracking for a low monthly investment

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2+ Spots $5 each

20+ Spots $4 each
Save $40+

100+ Spots $3 each
Save $40+

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We'll Bill Your Sponsors & Send You the Check

Don't worry about invoicing your sponsors, members, and advertisers while crossing your fingers that they pay you on time. We'll securely bill their card on file and send you the funds!

Invoicing Fee

Per Month

We manage billing for you for a low monthly investment

$2.50 each

An additional transaction fee of 2.99% + $0.45 per transaction applies

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