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GoSpotter helps your fundraising efforts by attracting new sponsors and keep existing sponsors by providing full business profiles to sponsors & donors on your website. This profile both helps sponsors get recognized for their contributions and builds credibility for your organization due to this transparency.

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You work hard to get people on your site, keep them. When a visitor clicks on a sponsor, the listing simply expands to show the sponsors profile right in the same page.

Stats & Reports

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Give your sponsors monthly insights into how their listing is performing

We'll Manage Everything

You have better things to do. We've got this.

If you ever want to change your sponsors, members, donators, or advertisers, we'll take care of it for you. We'll also send you easy to read monthly reports so you can keep an eye on views and clicks.

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The more sponsors you get the more you save.

Simplify things with flat rate pricing. You choose the sponsors for your website. Get our beautiful interactive profiles based on the number of sponsors showing. From here you can charge your sponsors any amount you see fit.

Our Fees

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We host, manage, & provide tracking for a low monthly investment

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