Terms for Advertisers

  1. Definitions

    GoSpotter: The brand, owned by FiveOne LLC, used to connect advertisers and hosts together.

    Host: The entity electing to hold GoSpotter's advertiser's advertisement(s) on their digital real-estate (such as website).

    Advertiser: The entity who has their advertisement(s) on the GoSpotter Ad Network. These ads are visible only on host websites.
  2. Payment

    GoSpotter reserves the right to bill and/or charge the form or payment on file for the balance due at any time. If the Advertiser fails to pay the full balance by the date required, GoSpotter has the right to charge late fees to the Advertiser at anytime.

    If the Advertiser has a poor payment history with GoSpotter or GoSpotter feels it necessary, GoSpotter may either require a Credit Card as a form of payment or terminate the advertiser's account.
  3. Fees

    GoSpotter reserves the right to change the cost per click to match the needs of the business. We will provide all advertisers with 14 days written notice of this change before any changes take effect.
  4. Ad Content

    Go Spotter is not liable for any copyright infringements on text and/or images in it's network and the Advertiser assumes knowledge and responsibility for the content in their ads. In addition, GoSpotter is not responsible for any incorrect ad content.

    Any changes to ad content or the company information must be submitted 14 days before the change must take effect.
  5. Click Counts

    GoSpotter uses many sophisticated tracking methods to determine who is clicking on ads along with when and where. The advertiser acknowledges and recognizes that all clicks billed to them are valid.
  6. Termination

    If you wish to terminate your GoSpotter service, contact GoSpotter in writting stating your desire to do so at-least 14 days prior to your desired cancellation date. GoSpotter has the right to terminate any advertiser account at any time without cause or notice.
  7. Updates & Amendments

    GoSpotter reserves the right to update these terms at anytime. Agreeing to join GoSpotter indicates that you agree to these current terms as well as future terms of use.